Jeudi à la mode: Wet look leggings

Oh, leggings. Those uber-comfortable pieces of stretchy fabric that facilitate getting dressed on lazy days. Apparently 95% of the population between the ages of 13-30 are lazy as hell everyday, since leggings are everywheeeere! However, as comfortable/convenient as they may seem, they are evil little articles of clothing. They cling to every single curve and “imperfection”, making the thinnest of stick insects feel like Shamu. Not only can they be highly unflattering, but can look dreadful if not worn properly (I’m looking at you, people who insist on wearing cropped leggings with skirts/shorts. No!)

So as if leggings weren’t already tricky business, some genius decided it would be a fantastic idea TO MAKE THEM SHINY! Yes, go ahead and grab PVC/leather/plastic (might as well use cling wrap or a garbage bag) and let’s make it fit as tight as possible! Great idea. The result is the trend from hell; the so-called “wet look” leggings.

Trend from deepest level of hell!

Trend from deepest level of hell!

Now, I don’t know if this trend has made it’s way to the USA, but it sure has taken London by storm! Women are either cursing themselves for not having the fashion credentials this look requires, or not giving a toss and wearing them regardless. There’s a select few who actually are doing it pretty well. Why? Because there is a correct way of taming the wet look legging beast, of course!

Firstly, do not wear anything that does not cover your legging-encased bottom, EVER! (Unless the size of said leggings is 00, in which case I recommend a burger…or two). That being said, flowing tops/dresses work beautifully with this look, as the contrast provides softness. I’ve seen a few girls wear tight fitting dresses isntead, but honestly this can only be done by people with unprecedented levels of fierceness (Yes, I said it), thefore I do not recommend it. For those who prefer a more casual approach, a belted oversize t-shirt and footwear of choice (except for trainers. No!) should get the job done.

So there you have it. Another ass kicking (and not in the good way) trend. I still haven’t decided if absolutely hate it or absolutely love it, but I’m leaning more towards the former. Not to mention, I’m don’t think I’m brave enough to try it myself. At the end of the day, it’s all about personal style and having fun with it, but one has to wonder: how many fashion curveballs are we going to have to endure?


One Response to “Jeudi à la mode: Wet look leggings”

  1. missprint Says:

    I wore nothing but leggings from my childhood through to the age of 14 (at which point I only wore plaid pants for a brief period). Sometimes I’d buy the leggings at street fairs (striped ones were personal favorite) and sometimes in a store. Once, in a store, I was buying some 1X leggings which fit me but not too tight or too loose. While my mom was paying a woman approximately three times my size came in and also bought 1x size leggings. My mind, it was blown.

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