Chocolatey annoyance.

First of all, HAPPY EASTER! 😀 (aka eat-as-much-chocolate-as-you-can day!). I’ve spent the day eating the remaning chocolate from my trip to Bruges. It’s the most relaxing city ever! Not to mention the food is ridiculously delish. I spent three days exploring the major Belgian food groups, which consis of  chocolate, frites, beer, more chocolate, mussels, and chocolate. I have no idea how Belgian women, much like the French, are model perfect! Anyway, digress a lot.

So I’m sitting here immersed in my world of chocolatey goodness, when I decide to do some reasearch for my design class. I figure I’m going to sit here for a while, so I might as well be useful. I asked myself “CC, what’s the easiest thing to find online that would relate to your research?”. Let’s see: fashion design images….PICTURES! And better yet 1950s pictures!  I headed for Google images immediately, typed in “1950s fashion photography” and got…nothing. How could this be?! I tried about 5 different variations, searching for 2 hours, and still got nothing I could use. Not a single thing. Absolutamente nada. I came to the conclusion that the world is out to get me, gave up, and resumed my chocolate eating.

And now I am annoyed. I try to do the right thing FOR ONCE, and I failed! Epically. To add insult to injury, I can’t even enjoy my chocolate anymore! Stupid summer outfit guilt…


One Response to “Chocolatey annoyance.”

  1. missprint Says: has images. Muahahahhaa!

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